Play Ideas for Your Baby

Babies are a happy and playful lot. They will delight in the smallest of games as long as they get all the attention they want. It is your job as a parent to make sure that they have all they need to have a great time playing. As you may know, play is essential for a variety of reasons such as improving motor skills, education, building life skills and encouraging creativity. You can find may fun game and play ideas from many sources such as books, the internet and even advice from other mothers. Here are some of those ideas that will help your baby get the most out of their playtime:


Water makes for a great playtime, and babies love it. You will see this when you place the baby in a basin or tub, and they start kicking their little arms and legs while giggling their hearts out. Let the baby have as much fun as they can for as long as it is safe for them. You can make it more fun by including floating toys and lots of foam. Babies love foam.

While playing with your baby in the water, talk to them as much as possible and help them learn some basic things. Even though they may not learn straight away, they may remember some of it with time. This time will give you the precious time to bond with your baby and have fun with them so that when they see you, they associate you with a good time.

As a safety precaution, never leave your baby or toddler unattended in a tub, basin or anything with enough water to drown them. Babies can drown in as little as two inches of water. If you need to leave, remove the baby from the tub first. Also, don’t unplug it and leave them in – they may slide off and hit their head.

If your child is a little older, you may consider using plastic squirt guns, straws, spoons and balloons to play outdoors. You may want to make sure that you use unbreakable items to prevent injuries and unnecessary costs.


Before they grow up and start looking at books with some contempt, babies actually like having someone close read books for them. In the womb, they hear and get used to the voice of their parents. They are therefore born with an ear for it and one of the best ways for you to keep them listening is by reading out to them.

For babies, small colorful books with large images and big print will be ideal. They don’t have to give them much attention, and the pictures will quickly capture their attention. Such books are readily available in baby shops and local libraries. Some may even have some familiar tunes to play when the book is opened.

Reading to your baby lets them get accustomed to your voice. This is a precious moment where you get to bond with your baby and something fun together.

Books help the baby to learn new words and associate them with day-to-day objects such as fruits and shapes. It helps them develop a curiosity for learning and cultivate creativity. Make sure that you read to your baby often and that they enjoy such times. As an added benefit, reading to your baby can quickly put them to sleep, which is one reason why bedtime stories are so popular.


Children love dolls even before they know what they are supposed to be. It could be because it makes them feel superior when they can hold something that looks like them but is much smaller and easier to manipulate. As the baby grows, especially in baby girls, you will notice a tendency to take care of the doll and treat it the same way you handle them. For boys, you’ll probably find yourself shopping some kids electric cars, but babies won’t need this until they are old enough to crawl or walk.

Babies may not have much of an idea as to what a doll is, but they will grab it anyway and have as much fun with it as they can. They will tug at the hair and limbs and explore till their curiosity wears them out and they get tired. Toys are even better. Stuffed animals are every baby’s delight, and they will tend to develop some attachments to these before they do with other people. Make sure that you provide your baby with as many toys as they need to have as much fun as they need in their playtime. You can also choose from the numerous baby playmats in Australia so that your baby can crawl and move freely. While you are at it, make sure that none of them poses any risk of suffocation, choking, poisoning or injuring the baby. Also, seeing as the toys will somehow end up in the mouth, make sure that you disinfect them as often as possible. Dirty toys can quickly send them to the hospital with severe infections.


Nothing gives a child itchier fingers than a large blank white page and a couple of crayons right next to it. Babies can have a go at it as soon as they learn how to rub the stick on the paper. You will probably not get anything too artistic, but you’ll be happy to see how much fun they will be having.

To make it more fun, join in with a different colour crayon and draw away. The baby will get the thrill from seeing both of you create something colourful from nothing.

In conclusion, there’s plenty of things you could do to give your baby fun playtime. You can use whatever you have to capture their interests and help them explore their curiosity. Make sure, however, that whatever you use is safe and won’t injure, poison, choke or suffocate them. This is especially the case with toys. It is also essential that you join in and help them play instead of leaving them to it. This not only ensures that you keep an eye on them but also allows you to create a special bond with them. You get to make memories that you will remember fondly when they are all grown up.

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