Facts about Cancer in Children

March 2, 2017 Cancer in Children 0

Many people do not like to think about cancer at all and thinking about children with it can be more distressing. Fortunately cancer is not so common in children as increasing age is a risk factor in most types of cancer. There are less than 2000 cases of cancer a year in children in the… Read more

Symptoms of Childhood Cancer

March 1, 2017 Symptoms 0

It can be difficult to detect cancer in children and with it being rare, many parents will not think to look out for the symptoms of it. Symptoms we check for as adults, such as lumps and bumps, coughs, abnormal bleeding etc may not be the same as we would expect to see in childhood… Read more

Risk factors in Childhood Cancer

March 1, 2017 Cancer in Children 0

Many childhood cancers are rare and therefore it is more difficult to know what the risk factors for them can be. There are links to age and sex, for example, but unfortunately there is nothing that can be done to change these. However, there are some risks that can possibly be avoided. It is well… Read more