How To Deal With Mental Strain When A Family Member Is Seriously Ill

Mon 26 September 2016

Keeping Your Mental Health On A Positive Flow...

If you are having some mental struggles or issues, don't be afraid to talk to someone close to you about them, as you might be very pleasantly surprised by their response and ability to somewhat normalize your issues.  The following may seem like general mental tips, but these should especially be practiced by parents of children who are facing serious illness.  We dip further into the topic as the article goes on.  Let's review these tips:

1. Focus on small milestones or achievements

Milestones or achievements like getting to work on time, finishing a particular report, getting through a meeting or presentation, doing the grocery shopping or hanging out the washing. They certainly don't all have to be glamorous and should be tailored to some of the smaller tasks you have to complete in everyday life.

Then take the time to stop and reflect at the end of the day, week or month and look at what tasks you have managed to successfully get through and finish. This simple method can be used as a building block to slowly add to your milestones or tasks and keep you in a positive mindset for achieving them.


2. Relaxing your mind

It should be no surprise when I mention the words yoga or meditation! These two activities have both been around for a long time and they can be extremely beneficial in helping you to relax, to learn the skill of training your mind to block out the chatter which will help you gain clarity and find your way in a world full of noise.


3.Intense exercise

Whilst a nice walk can be somewhat relaxing what I am talking about involves intense exercise like beach sprints, mountain biking, hills runs or high-intensity interval training. Why? Because medical information has shown that doing intense physical exercise releases chemicals like endorphins and serotonin that actually improves your mood.

Why not add to it by doing your intense exercise somewhere scenic like a beach or bush trail while you listen to some pumping music. What can I suggest from my own personal experience? Well exactly that, intense running on the beach or interval training on footpaths or tracks near the beach whilst listening to some cranked up exercise music on an iPod.


4. Getting the balance right

I am actually referring to the use of medication to assist with mental health issues. Certain medications work by balancing chemicals in your brain called neurotransmitters that affect mood and emotions.

Are they for everyone? Possibly yes, possibly not and the final decision to take them is one that should be taken very seriously and made by yourself and the relevant medical specialist. I can offer a brief insight into my own past experience with medication and hopefully this may assist in answering some of those unresolved questions for you.

Contrary to popular belief taking this type of medication does not miraculously make everything peachy and have you dancing around talking about rainbows and unicorns. It merely brings some degree of normality back into your life and allows you to do some of the normal activities and tasks whilst allowing you to also focus on other additional methods of treatment to assist you on your road to recovery.


Special Case: Coping With Cancer & Seizures In Young Ones

There are lots of children being diagnosed with cancer and epilepsy every day and the ratio of patients has always been on the rise. Over past few decades, treatment methods have been evolved a lot and people have become more aware of cancer & seizure symptoms and treatment. Cancer was tagged more as an adult's disease but these days children are the victims of this deadly disease. It is very important that parents should be fully aware of the symptoms, complications and treatment methods of cancer because any child can get this disease. The good news about cancer in children is that it is diagnosed very early. Early diagnosis makes it possible to cure and ultimately survival rate of children with cancer is very positive.

There are a lot of studies being done on CBD oil when it comes to treatment for seizures and, in some cases, cancer.  In fact, CNN recently released a documentary on treatment of seizures in adults and children using prescription marijuana.  In most of the cases, patients and parents viewed marijuana treatment as a Godsend.  CBD oil for seizures in highly recommended as a treatment.

Lots of people and organizations are helping children with cancer to cope with the complexities and problems of this disease. Treatment of cancer has always been expensive and children always need financial help to get proper treatment. Help can come from an individual or an organization but if you look around you will see many people helping children with cancer. It is not just about the money that you can donate to helping children with cancer but your passion matters even more. You can contribute even without money by just making the parents more aware about the state of their child with cancer. Lots of parents are in a state of shock when they have a child with cancer at home and you have to keep their hopes up.

You can devote your weekends to helping children with cancer and during the entire weekend, you can help suffering children and their parents to understand cancer more deeply. You always need to keep their frame of minds positive because positivity will boost their treatment and they will recover quickly. Treatment methods of cancer are always tough and painful but your words can make parents satisfied. Lots of parents hesitate for choosing a painful treatment method and you can help them to choose the best and most effective method. Awareness is the key to helping children with cancer and when parents know that their child with cancer can get a normal life then they will do everything to ensure a healthy life. Encourage parents to get their children examined for cancer regularly because an early and timely diagnosis is very important in cancer. This will help in coping with serious illness in the family like cancer and other deadly illnesses.

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